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It’s the “V” Dumb Ass!

Photo of Jeff Dunham and me at an after party in Dallas.

Photo of Jeff Dunham and me at an after party in Dallas.

I sort of felt like Walter, Jeff Dunham’s character, when I uttered the phrase, “It’s the “V” dumb ass..”. Of course this was in response to a neighbor describing their experience with the air conditioner guy last week.

For the uninitiated let me elaborate for a moment.  The “V” in HVAC stands for Ventilation. It’s really not a new concept. Further we live in an Ashton Woods Home which was built to the Environments For Living standards which, for 2006, was a pretty tight enclosure (sub .25ACH) and, as such, each Ashton Woods Home was equipped with a fresh air ventilation system such as this Honeywell unit. These units are designed to deliver fresh air, via the HVAC system and going through the filtration system, to the occupants of the house as the walls, windows and such are tighter than your standard Code-built home.

So this HVAC guy tells my neighbor to just switch-off the fresh air system because, and get this, VENTILATION just isn’t that important! What?!? It’s the “V” dumb ass!!! Ventilation has been fairly important since – well, forever!  Andrew Jackson Downing wrote this in 1859 (from the book Architecture of Country Houses):Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 11.25.32 PM

Yeah Ventilation is a new concept and not terribly important. And to think that houses built in the 1800’s were exceptionally leaky! Today’s Code houses are considered hermetically sealed in comparison, so an EFL house would be even more so.

I told my neighbor that the HVAC guy was mis-informed and was putting you and your family in harms way and to please NOT switch-off the fresh air system… at a minimum check the settings to ensure that things are set-up properly.

Long story short, the “V” does matter, dumb ass…..



Down But NOT Out

Many of you know me as the light hearted super fun guy on both Facebook and Twitter however there is a much more serious and ‘business like’ side to me. For the better part of 30 years I have worked in and around the insulation industry in a myriad of roles from a floor scraper to applicator; estimator to project manager; product manager to the executive level and I have stayed true to my industry. A few years ago I joined what I thought was the market leader in [a certain type of] insulation and somewhat happily signed a document stating this and that.

Well, as luck would have it, that document precludes me from both forwarding my career and working in a similar capacity as I had over the past several decades. The fact that I was hired due to my knowledge (as opposed to knowledge gained) apparently plays no part in this….

So I did what anyone would need to do – find a way to make a living doing what I did but differently.  Enter ConServ Partners.

ConServ Partners is/will be a collective of industry experts working collaboratively to deliver excellent results to our clientele be it through estimating, project management, marketing, detailing, project photography or the like.

I am excited to get this next chapter started and continue happily in the “Back 9″ of Life. Join me for the ride..? You can subscribe to this blog by filling in your email address on the right side of this page.